Love Each Other.

"My (kinda) R&B song with the presumptuous attempt to bring people closer together in a spiritual way. Or at least give something to think about..." - Thiago Trosso.


Creative Direction: Guilherme Lepca
Animation Direction: Daniel Duda
Artist: Not The Best (UK)
Illustrations: Guilherme Lepca
Scene Direction: Julio Hey

Motion Design Crew: Axel Giller, Bruno Azzani, Daniel Duda
Production Company: Smart Diseños
Executive Production: Lorayne Claudino
Producer: Janis Medeiros
Edited by: Bruno Azzani
Sound Design: Smart Diseños
Graded by: Guilherme Lepca

Special Thanks:
Marcello Rizzi
André Déko (beat composer)

Smart Diseños™ - 2019

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